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LIBUŠE, spolek

LIBUŠE was established back in 1996 as a small group of young people. They all lived in the area of Janov and wanted to work with children in the streets. They organized clubs and leisure activities in order to help children overcome difficult family situation and show them an option to their current living conditions.

The work in LIBUŠE has changed a lot as well as people involved, but the idea remains. We apply Christian attitudes to change the life of children, youth and families in the housing estate of Janov. Our clients come mainly from "the street", almost exclusively from socially excluded conditions.

The year 2013 brought a new experience to LIBUŠE, because we received an approval for starting our new grant project - SÍDLIŠTĚ JANOV.

In 2014, we established a closer co-operation with Labour Office CZ as we participated on their project LOKALITY. LIBUŠE is a partnering non-profit organisation in this project. In November 2014, another new project started (NOVÝ HORIZONT). The target group are the unemployed from Janov again, this time the age group 26 - 49. 40 persons will be supported within this project, 20 of which will receive vocational training. Within the frame of the project, 22 new working positions will be created with a duration of 6 months. The project will be finished at the end of October, 2015.

In the future we are planning to extend our activities to Litvínov area. Everyday life in our Contact Point Office shows that all of the area of Litvínov is more or less affected with high unemployment rate and risk of social exclusion of the inhabitants. We will increase the level of co-operation with the Town Hall in Litvínov and partnering non-profit organisations in the area.

We would like to concentrate especially on the target group of young people, fresh graduates with no working experience who are in a difficult social situation. We hope that ESF projects will enable us to perform quality work and continue being a great contribution to our region and our partners.

Our location:
North Bohemia, town of Litvínov

(27.000 inhabitants)

Welcome to LIBUŠE website!

Our main task is to help to improve the conditions for life in the area where we work (Litvínov, Janov, Meziboří).
Our main concern are socially excluded children and their parents.

We base our work on Christian principles and we are trying to help those in difficult situation who eager for a change. We very much appreciate co-operation with the Town Hall of Litvínov and Mezibori, as well as the Ministry of Labour, Czech Republic. Thanks to financial support from the municipal budget and ESF we are able to continue in our activities.

We hope that our current work and planned activities will become a significant contribution to the improvement of life in our town.

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