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Our activity started in 1996. In those days, an excited group of christians decided to start up activities that would help children and their families in Litvínov - Janov (socially excluded area) improve their life. Based upon Christian values, they started leisure clubs and organizing sporting events to provide an option to children´s current life style. Our clients were mostly children "from the street", from broken families with parents on drugs and/or neglecting their parental role.

We have established Children Christian Clubs, where colorful programme was run. We concentrated on creative, musical and sporting acitivites. Our volunteers were motivated to become models for these children in a natural way.

In the same way, the work in the town of Meziboří started. We concentrated on children from the Nr.107 hostel, where socially excluded clients are concentrated. We work both with children and adults. To increase the range of our activities, we agreed to act as a partnering organisation in ESF projects, realised by commercial companies. Our partnering organisations are mostly educational institutions. We appreciate the cooperation with Meziboří Town Hall, who supports us financially as well. Due to their generous donations we are not only able to run the leisure clubs in Meziboří, but also organise trips, excursions and weekends with children.

Due to some changes in our team, the work in Janov was diminished. However, in 2012, we took part in the "START JANOV" project in co-operation with company COMÉNIA CONSULT. The main purpose of the project was to increase the employment and social inclusion in Janov.

Since then, our activities concentrated mostly on employment projects in Janov. We were able to start up our own projects (you will be able to see the details on our website). Due to these projects, a Contact Office in Janov was established, where we have full-time colleagues as a support to the target group.

Even though we have been working with several different age groups, our main task is still the same: pay attention to young people in Litvínov and especially Janov. In the every day life in our office, we face the problems of young people when looking for a job. They have no proper work experience, which not only means "data for their CV", but also real working skills and habits. They need to learn it, but their chances are limited. In the future, we would like to concentrate on the target group of "well educated" people (comparing to the majority of Janov inhabitants, who often end up as grammar school graduates). Even they may not plan to continue their education in universities, they deserve good languague practice which will help them to enter the job market.

So, that is our plan to concentrate on in the next few months and years.

Also, we would like to make our co-operation with the Town Hall of Litvínov more intensive, as well as the connections with local non-profit organisations. We already have some contacts and share information about the clients and our work, but we hope these links may become even more sophisticated and professional in the future.

We are grateful for all partners and organisations which support us in our activities. We hope for a good co-operation in the future as well.

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